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Producing fine huacaya and merino fleece

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Merino Medium-Wool Sheep

Ram (male)

gorgeous silver and white
NCWGA# 106005  
Merino Medium-Wool | Ram (male) | black and white spotted
Sire: Mendenhall 16013MGS
Dam: Night Sky

Proven Ram with several lambs on the ground. Throws black and white but he ultimately turned a lovely silver color. Gentle and easy handling. ...


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Moorit ram
NCWGA# 65277  
Merino Medium-Wool | Ram (male) | Moorit
Sire: Mendenhall 14037GR
Dam: Mendenhall 13102M

Nutmeg comes from the wonderful Mendenhall Ranch, known for the quality of their flock. Nutmeg is a very easy going, sweet male. He has an easy and gentle nature.. He and the girls are a little...


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Ewe (female)

Moorit Merino
NCWGA#   DOB: 1/10/2015  (9 yrs)
Merino Medium-Wool | Ewe (female) | moorit
Sire: Murphy Mendenhall 12078M
Dam: Medina Mendenhall 10130B

Its my first shearing for sheep but I will have lovely zipper crimped raw fleece for the hand spinner. I am very flexible about quantity and pricing since its my first shearing, but so far, the fleec...


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