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New Kentucky Home

The farm and all the animals have moved to our new location in Lexington, KY in the Bluegrass area!

We have been here nearly 1 year and this is our first Kentucky winter. The year has not gone by without incident and losses - some animals, some shelters, but I'm looking forward to having some fleeces processed by the mills in Ohio, perhaps showing some of the youngest offspring and continuing to improve the farm.

Come by and watch the progress and visit the newest members of the farm family - three cria born in the past month!

PS Over the past 2 years there have been a number of cria and lambs born on the farm. So please be patient and watch for new herd members as I go through the long process of adding them to my site.

Baby Ruby born October 2019
Raw Moorit Merino fleece

We have lots of raw fleece in a variety of natural colors

Just a sample of my homemade jam

Violet Hill Farm is a small boutique farm located in Northern California. This area is a perfect environment for alpacas, chickens and gardens but the move to Kentucky will put the farm in the heart of fiber artisan country. Additionally, this is blue grass country, known for its pastures which improve bone health. I have already seen the contributions to fiber improvement.

The farm is my dream come true - a home in the country , surrounded by wonderful, rich animals and a chance to explore what the earth can create. My goal is to build a farm that raises animals for fiber and soil amendment (manure), hosts honey bee hives for healthy polination and honey, and raises specialty fruit and flowers. I also hope to share this love with others through the bounty of my farm,location, and education. I host visitors of all ages, especially children and young people. At my farm, you be exposed and touch livestock and poultry up close. You can see where eggs come from, how yarn is made and what happens when manure is composted.

I believe alpacas are for everyone - the simple pet for a rural home, a browser to help keep the blackberries in check, a fiber animal for the hobby spinner and an investment for breeders. I have animals that may serve each niche and invite you to visit my farm to learn more about this wonderful animal, it's valuable fiber and the garden benefits as well! I hope you will consider my farm a place to visit.

Plan a visit to meet our menagerie of cats, alpacas, and fiber sheep. The alpacas love treats and the sheep are always curious. Come introduce your family to the farm and allow me to share my knowledge of gardening, farming, animal husbandry and the agricultural life. This farm is a Climate Smart Wool Producer, a member of Kentucky Proud and practices good soil management.

Very flexible terms and very willing to negotiate all prices. Willing to accept trades in hay, services or swap for animals. Contact me and lets talk.