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polled ram lamb


Sheep, Merino Medium-Wool, Wether (male) | moorit

DOB: 10/7/2018 (2 yrs)


Moorit ram


Merino Medium-WoolRam (male)Moorit
NCWGA# 65277DOB: 
I recently acquired this wonderful guy to build my merino herd, but unfortunately, I need to sell him with his ewes to pay some ugly vet bills. Nutmeg and his ewes, Lucy and Susi come from the wonderful Mendenhall Ranch, known for the quality of their flock. I'm really sorry to offer him with the others, but unfortunately, I recently had a terribly expensive vet bill and have to look for ways to cover the costs. Nutmeg is a very easy going, sweet male but I have never seen him around ewes in season. His easy nature may change. He and the girls are a little pushy at feeding time, but otherwise, come up for love and scratches. They are comfortable with my two dogs, the alpaca herd and poultry flock nearby.
 NCWGA# 65277 Moorit
Susan B. (Susie)

Moorit Merino

Susan B. (Susie)

Merino Medium-WoolEwe (female)moorit
NCWGA# DOB: 1/25/20155 yrs
I've spend the past few months getting to know Susie. She is the strong, protective and dominant ewe of the flock, but she's really friendly toward persons. She is taupe color when you get into her fleece, also referred to as moorit. Susie was bred in late summer 2017 and gave birth to twin ram lambs in January 2018. The sire ram is Nutmeg, who was acquired in summer 2017.
 NCWGA#  moorit


Updated 9/9/2020