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Size: large 16" x 16" with 5" expansion, small 13" x 16"
Color: varies
small tote

hand made, recycled

Repurposed feed bag totes

Price: $7.50

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Actual costs for shipping. I select and use the most inexpensive options to reduce costs to you.

Product Specs

  • Recycled, repurposed feed bags
  • Hand made here at my farm
  • Rough edges have been sewn to prevent unraveling
  • Waterproof

Product Description

Large totes are approximately 16" tall x 16" wide with a 5" deep pleat. These totes are suitable for carrying groceries, picnic supplies, etc. Cost is $7.50

Small totes are approximately 13" wide, 16" tall without pleat. The seams are French seams so no worry about unraveling. Totes are suitable for carrying papers, notebooks, etc. Cost is $5.00

Lunch sized totes not shown, but can be made in similar fashion to large tote with a pleat for expansion. Cost is $5.00.

Totes are available in a variety of colors, depending upon the feed I select to use here on the farm