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Landscape and Garden Design

Prices range depending upon size and scale. Hourly rates of $35.00 per hour for simple consultations. Simple garden designs for $750-$1500. Irrigation system designs starting at $350

Call to Order: 859-293-6513
Need some help with that troublesome spot that doesn't drain? Or maybe you're planning a new farm that includes flower gardens, veggies along with your favorite animals? Perhaps in times of drought, you need a reliable watering system?

I can help you with all those needs and more. As a professionally trained and licensed landscape architect, I have considerable experience planning and designing yards, gardens, and even bigger things like hospital grounds and parks. I especially love integrating edible plants and perennials into your landscape to make your efforts reap the benefits - not just flowers but food as well. And I wholeheartedly support integrating our favorite forms of manure into the arrangement to build good soil and a healthy landscape.

Terms Of Service
Educated at University of California, Davis, received BS in landscape architecture with strong emphasis in horticulture.

Previously licensed in States of California and Nevada.

Work collaboratively with nursery owner and designer, Karen McCarthy, Madras Garden Depot, Madras, OR