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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The fall rain has arrived....

Well, I thought I had just a bit more time, but isn't that how it always seems- you think you have more time. This past week was absolutely crazy. We rent this property - 10 acres in total but for some reason my landlord seems to think it's ok to keep his sheep on it. He raises yaks as well, and if you have never been exposed to yaks, they are.......what you call a "wild breed". This is the statement of my former veterinarian in Washington and our local vet. I've only experienced the "wild" side once before. But now, they are anxious to get into my yard and browse my grass. It must be the "greener on the other side of the fence" kind of thing. I thought we had more time to get the fences situated and all the animal shelters water/wind tight. WRONG!

I tolerated the landlord's sheep - as hard as it is to keep them out of the chicken pens and houses, fight them off while feeding the alpacas and keeping them out of the places where feed and hay is stored, but it is altogether another thing to keep beef cattle and yaks away. I cannot emphasize this more. A Yak, when a bit "randy" will be unpredicatable and unsafe to be around. I learned this first hand when he decided to "gore" me in the arm....telling me, my sweatshirt and tee shirt to back off! And for crying out loud- I was feeding you! Anyway, lesson learned. You cannot trust a horned animal, no matter the sex. I am lucky to get away with only a nasty scrape and bruise, but know it could have been much, much worse. So to all, take care and remember to watch for the unexpected.